Tieara, an Ambitious Girl, determined to win!

If you’re reading this…it’s too late

Tieara Caron isn’t just a fan of Drake, she’s an ambitious girl determined to win! She’s everyone’s favorite quintessential millennial with big dreams, big ideas, and an even bigger heart.

Tieara as a Bay Area-based public relations and marketing communications professional. With an ambitious spirit and hunger to learn more about the digital landscape and content creation, she’s ready to leave her mark on the world. Tieara has always wanted to pursue writing as a career and blogs or actively contributes her work to various online communities and publications. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations with an academic focus in Radio-TV-Film from San Jose State University.

Be sure to subscribe to follow on her self-discovery journey on ambitiousgirlworld.com, as she hopes to inspire you with her words. You can connect with Tieara in these twitter streets @teeairawr, keep it sweet in a 140 character tweet.

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  1. Carolyn Y

    omg, I was what should have been sjsu ’14 too, but got pushed back because of conflicting classes. haha, nice to see another sjsu here! small world! 🙂

        1. thisistieara Post author

          Oh! Thats’ an exciting time, what’s your major? I’ll be the first to tell you, postgrad is a whole new different weird struggling time in one’s life. But just get your head up, don’t settle, and trust your gut! I’m managing well enough so far, baby steps you know. I wish you the best!!! & Congrats!

  2. George Owino

    If you paid my blog a visit you’d probably imagine I’ve copied and pasted your stuff. From theme to blog description to… Endless list.
    Let’s jut say you sometimes see yourself in others.

  3. swajithkas

    Your “About Me” page is truly enjoyable experience; But, these are the lines specifically draw my attention.
    “First, I’d like to say I am a lot of things, and each day I push myself to be better than I was yesterday, to try new things, push myself outside my comfort zone, to be ME; but the best ME there is”.
    If you are truly interested to move out of your comfort zone and try to new things; why don’t you try to read my recent post and comment there; by commenting there you will acquaint more with you only, it’s my guarantee.

  4. Brittany

    Just found your blog!!! Super excited to read your posts, right up my alley!!! You can check mine out at dreamliveball.com

      1. Brittany

        Thank you so much!!! I’m so happy to finally have the time to put more effort into it 🙂

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