About AmbitiousGirlWorld

Ambitiousgirlworld started as a blog originally created for a strategic social media class at #SJSU. Tieara Caron, an ambitious girl determined to win, Tieara Caron, enrolled in the course at San Jose State, (and hell yeah she got an A+ in the class!) Back then, she covered course-related topics.  Ambitious Girl World is newly revamped for 2017! Tieara has realized her stories should be shared with anyone willing to take a read. Ambitiousgirlworld.com serves as an honest repository of her own struggles throughout life, love and navigating through her career that almost every 20-something can relate to.

Tieara realized many of her homegirls also shared the same problem; they had dreams, ambitions and even an education, but they just didn’t know which direction to take to achieve their dreams. Many of us feel stuck left with a now what? outlook on life after we graduate college and NOBODY WARNS US! (Nobody warned me anyways) This is why Tieara is making it her mission to provide resources for more than just herself, or her friends, but also leaving her mark on the world! Ambitious Girl World serves as a resource and motivational life force for readers like YOU. *Tieara hopes to one day begin an ambitious girl network to empower the inner dreamer and doers everywhere in ambitious girls like you!* What do you want to see on the site? Shoot an email at ambitiousgrlwrld@gmail.comdreams

.“Ambitious girl, just trying to win, and you’d rather try and chase these dreams than to chase these men.”-Wale


*Special shout out to all my ambitious girls worldwide, who know their dreams won’t work unless they do! — YOU READY? Cool, now let’s get to work!

Who Runs The World? – Ambitious Girls!

*Ambitiousgirlworld is an independent blog that caters to the millennial woman of today, all views and opinions are my own and are intended to inspire you to be the BEST you.*