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NEW ALBUM ALERT: I Decided to Review Big Sean’s Album, I Decided.

Whenever new albums drop I like to wait until the hype dies down to give myself the clarity to conclude my best honest opinion and unbiased viewpoints.

HOWEVER! As I’ve been a Big Sean fan since his’ “What You Doin’” days and Finally Famous, watching his evolution has me so happy for Sean the Don. Obviously, with him being in my top five, I already had I Decided on pre-order.

Whoa, dere!

When his album dropped on Feb 3, 2017, I was in Vegas. Luckily I wasn’t drunk yet, so I gave it my first listen. As it’s been a few weeks and with his album going physically today, I can confidently say this may be his best piece of artwork yet.

Thoughts: I Decided is Big Sean’s fourth album, and instantly my favorite and here’s why: In comparison, His first album Finally Famous and this album now shows Big Sean hasn’t only evolved as an artist but he has transformed into a man with a new mindset. In his debut Finally Famous, Big Sean raps about lofty goals and dreams of becoming famous while remaining insecure about his destiny as he fantasizes about the limelight.

After spending a minute in the game and working closely along some of his idols and peers, I Decided shows us what Big Sean is made of and that there’s something truly remarkable about this album. He’s sharing his deepest thoughts and decision-making skills. Exposing himself mentally and emotionally through his references regarding his internal conflicts, intentions, and permanent life-long decisions. It appears he is constantly battling, accepting or challenging his past decisions and his current ones but remains untainted living within each present moment however still suffering the consequences or the rewards of said decisions. In some songs such as Owe Me, Sacrifices, Favors, and Voices In My Head, he reflects on his organic experiences with women, haters, and public opinion, revealing these decisions have ultimately shaped his life and bringing him to where he is today. That’s just it; Big Sean has decided.

MESSAGE: Every decision is a choice. So choose wisely or don’t, either way, life goes on.

Analysis: Throughout every hook, every bar, every rhyme and every verse there are layers upon layers of subconscious turmoil or self-seeking validation. Despite some turbulence in poor decisions, there’s a strong emphasis on his spirituality and newfound ”wokeness” a.k.a enlightenment in this album (at least in my opinion, and I’m honestly digging of out of it! )

Previously, Big Sean in his music, there have always been mentions of religion, God, and acknowledgment of his upbringing, his parents, and fundamentals which are key ingredients that have shaped his moral compass in life indirectly shaping his decisions as well. However, in this new album, I’m hearing Big Sean talk about other insights for the first time ever. His bars consist of forming manifestations, maintaining his high vibrations and energy, remaining optimistic, faithful and practicing alchemy. “I realized that there’s no dream that I can’t fill, I manifested while I’m the man still”Stick To The Plan, This is a strong metaphysical application that insinuates he’s current perspective on his life and how he is dealing with decisions daily. I’ve always appreciated Big Sean’s driven ambitious dream-like mentality so to hear the lyricism in his conscious mindfulness to date is an evolution that is invigorating. This is easily one of the best albums of 2017 serving as an underdog’s anthem. I’m currently vibing and thriving hard af to this album because it’s on my same wavelength.


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Top 5 Favorite songs and why:

  1. Moves- Basically, the beat slaps and he’s the man making moves! This is the perfect theme song for all underdogs who are underestimated. But again, Big Sean has layers, subconsciously letting us know how he moves when he moves, and that his strategic moves in life are always with purpose and intention which is why now he’s coming up on top. I’m feeling it.!
  2. Sacrifices Big Sean is talking about all the decisions he has had to made in his career, love, and life to get to where he is now and how people around him besides his mom or his girl can not understand his hustler mentality. He suggests his great aunt was a slave who didn’t die for him to be lazy or take anything for granted, he is hungry, he is motivated, remaining humble he vows to continue to make the proper sacrifices to be one of the greatest rappers alive.
  3. Bounce Back As I see it, Bounce Back isn’t just an instant banger, but also, a revelation. Listen to the lyrics? “If you a real one then you know how to bounce back. Last night I took an L but tonight I Bounce Back.” Big Sean is someone with drive and determination showcasing his resiliency in any form and remains persistent in life by “bouncing back” from poor decisions and detrimental “Ls” he will continue to come back harder or stronger and be untouched.
  4. Halfway off the Balcony My interpretation here is that Big Sean is speaking about either an alternate universe or his exact reality when his occupying hotel rooms and entertaining groupies while his girl is upset with him. Or perhaps he’s tired of being a public figure constantly being criticized. Sounds like he doesn’t want to participate in risky behavior in fear of losing it all, because he’s making it but having to fight his demons to stay strong and remain focused.
  5. Voices In My Head/Stick To the Plan I can relate to this song, because Big Sean is orchestrating an internal conflict within his mind, the voices in his mind are reminding him to stick to the plan but also that he can do better, and be better than he is now. Self-criticism as his own biggest fan or his own worst enemy. Reminding himself to not get caught up in the drama or Hollywood’s fast life.

Lastly, the Duet with Jeremih on Light reminds us all to never dim our own shine. The outro on Bigger Than Me left me feeling so uplifted and genuinely resonated with me as it’s extremely relatable. It’s as if, Big Sean is directly telling me through his lyrics in his song to not just enjoy living in the moment, but recognize my life my moments a.k.a my decisions are bigger than myself. I’m doing this for everyone who ever believed in me, as a true dreamer or doer, I must strive to live my best life. It’s confirmed, I Decided is my favorite album of 2017 thus far.

What’s your favorite song off the album?

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New Music From Your Favorite Bad Gal


Rihanna has finally released her long awaited 8th studio album ANTI. Or did she? Rumors swirled when TIDAL, the music streaming album accidentally leaked the album early. But never fear! Rihrih is here and saved the day! Rihanna did her fans a solid one by eventually releasing that album later FOR FREE! Thanks, Rihrih! #BlessUp I totally downloaded my copy from a link Rihanna tweeted with Google Chrome and instantly started jamming to her first track consideration featuring one of my favorites, SZA. Rihanna only has two features on the album, soulful angelic sounding, SZA and 6 God himself, Mr. Drizzy Drake. Work, featuring Drake was released a day early before the dropping of the album and fans couldn’t get enough, including myself. It’s so upbeat with a little island Jamaican flow in the chorus making you want to jump out your seat and wind.


Rihanna has definitely evolved as an artist and shows that vocally in ANTI. She’s letting you know she’s come into her own as a grown mature woman with soft ballads talking about love. My favorite tracks including, Same Ol’ Mistakes, Work (of course I’m biased with anything involves Drizzy) Kiss it Better (which has awesome guitar aesthetics) and Yeah, I Said it. She’s showing us she’s a brand new person. One track, in particular, titled, Higher has me a little suspicious that she’s still reminiscing about Chris Brown, admitting she’s drunk off whiskey and wishes she could forget what they had.Rihanna is set to go on tour with Travis Scott, she has two stops in San Jose and Oakland, Calif. I must admit, I’ve been following Rihanna for years since she first came out and I have yet to see her live. Looks like it’s time to change that.


I saw Rihanna in concert and she has come such a long way. I love the entire album from start to finish, Needed Me, Work, Same Ol’ Mistakes, Higher, Kiss It Better!


Kiss It Better

Needed Me


What’s your favorite song off the album? Drop a comment below!


New Wave for R&B: Jacquees

You’re probably wondering, who is Jacquees?! Well, let me be the first to time you, he’s most likely the best thing to happen in contemporary R&B for a while now and he’s just getting started. Solo artist, Jacquees who has also worked with artists, such as T.I., Jagged Edge, Travis Porter, Rich Homie Quan, Young Thug, Trinidad James, August Alsina and Chris Brown, among others; signed a recording contract deal and its management to Cash Money Records in 2014.

I first learned who Jacquess was, after I went to see Magic Mike XXL. (Yes, I’m admitting that unfortunately) He had a song called “Feel it”, featuring Lloyd and Rich Homie Quan. Speaking of Lloyd, one would say Jacquees reminds you of Lloyd as he’s from the south, handsome and has long hair too, just like Lloyd when he first stepped onto the scene—in case you forgot. After instantly loving this song Feel it, I had to figure out, who sung this song and who Jacquees was.


Jacquess release his second album 19 in March of 2015, my favorite tracks are Perfect, Come Thru, You Need Me, Destiny’s Child and Future Baby Mama. After gaining recognition for his song, “Like Baby”, it’s safe to say Jacquees is still picking up momentum after dropping a mixtape a few weeks ago titled, #Mood. (MAJOR KEY ALERT) Of course my favorites are, Wave, B.E.D (you guessed, a remix to Avant’s Bed) and Bounce, but to be quite honest the entire mixtape has some bedroom bangers and nice vocals. You can check it out here.

New Music: Bryson Tiller

What do you get when you combine the soft serenades of Jeremih with the vibes of Party Next Door’s sensual R&B soulfulness? The newest contemporary R&B artist, Kentucky native, Bryson Tiller. You may know him by his stage name, Pen Griffey.

Right, doesn’t he remind you of a mix between Jeremih & PND? 

Bryson Tiller’s first single, Don’t dropped in May 2015 playing off of Mariah Carey’s Shake It Off,  referencing subliminal lyrics from a male perspective, “Girl, said he keeps on playing game and his lovin’ aint the same…” acts as a rebuttal for women everywhere wanting their men to act right but fantasizing about Bryson instead. With this single alone, Tiller has made it clear he’s the newest force to be reckoned with in the music world as rumors swirled about Tiller becoming OVO’s next R&B artist earlier this year. He’s made waves across the internet after earning praises and accolades from both Timabland and the 6 God himself. One of my favorites from Bryson Tiller is Just Another Interlude, a remix of Omarion & Drake’s (two of Tiller’s musical influences) iconic Bria’s Interlude, making it an instant favorite among listeners.

Expected to drop his debut album, T R A P S O U L this October (in just a few weeks, let the countdown begin,) fans grow eager every day, myself included. Tiller keeps it real by telling it like it is, in his follow-up tracks available on his album, Sorry Not Sorry, and Been That Way. Giving us all something to look back on as we reminisce about what if felt like to be in love with the wrong person. After making waves through Sound Cloud and the internet, Bryson has signed a deal with RCA (home of artists Miguel, Tinashe and more) leaving fans patiently waiting for T R A P S O U L to drop later this fall. Stay tuned for our review and trill spill about what we think once the album drops!

What a Time to Be Alive…If You’re Drake

Why Drake is Having the Best Year in 2015.9PTLwu9

Drake has been winning all year. If you don’t believe me, let’s take a look back at where 2015 has taken Drake thus far.

Earlier this year, Drake pulled a Beyonce by taking us all by surprise with the release of If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late on iTunes. The album offers hot tracks such as, Jungle, Know yourself, Energy and more, as Drake didn’t disappoint, with malicious lyrics, he raps, “I got rap n*ggas that I gotta act like I like, but my acting days of over… f*ck them ni*ggas for life”-Energy. Drake wants you to know he’s not just the soft sensitive R&B singer, you’ve known and loved for so many years, he’s 6 God and so much more.

Throughout the year, Drake staying true to his “Know Yourself” motto and kept it all the way 100 by exposing the fakes with his most recent rap beef with Philly rapper, Meek Mill. Mill began a twitter feud after Drake failed to show support of his latest album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. On-lookers expected Drake to tweet back, but instead, he left it all on the track. The 6 God dropped two diss songs almost immediately after Meek’s failure at an attempted diss, Wanna Know. The 6 God came back with fire on, Charged Up and Back 2 Back, clapping back at Meek Mill. Twitter and fans responded with ridiculous and funny memes embarrassing Meek Mill as they expected more the Philly rapper showing majority wins, Drake’s got everyone’s vote. #TeamAubrey.

FullSizeRender (1)

Let’s not forget that after signing a deal with Apple Music (another huge win) Drake is far from finished & if you’re reading this it’s too late.

More recently, Drake and Serena Williams have been rumored to be in a relationship yet again, with affectionate displays of caught-on-camera PDA and Instagram comments.  Drake is not only one of the hottest rappers out right now, but now he has Serena Williams on his arm? ANOTHER HUGE WIN. Drake also recently opened a restaurant in Toronto where both his mother and Serena were in attendance. (Do we hear wedding bells?)

Just this past Sunday, Future and the 6 God dropped a long-awaited collaborative project, What a Time to Be Alive. This mixtape is just adding more fuel to the fire and giving fans everything they wanted and more. FullSizeRender (2)Instant favorites are Big Rings, 30 for 30 freestyle, and Jumpman (not to mention the OVO Jordan’s just dropped, 6 God stays winning) causing some speculations to remain as subliminal lyrics reference Future & Ciara’s break-up and Drake still taking shots at Meek Mill. The mixtape slaps with similar DJ ECSO beats found on Future’s DS2 combined with familiar vibes found on Drake’s Take Care. With only three months left in 2015, it’s most definitely the time to be alive, if you’re Drake, the real 6 God that is.